October 8

Wireframes and Shadows

These links are a week old by now but they are cool art.

Wireframe Cars
Benedict Radcliffe makes amazing wireframe sculptures. He created a pedal-powered Lamborghini for the UK Art Car Parade and was commissioned by Toyota to make a Corolla.

Link to Lamborghini, Link to Toyota Corolla

Trash Shadows
These art pieces are piles of random trash whose arrangement casts a picture in shadow.

Link to piles of trash

May 9

It’s Not A Bad Idea

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Just ran across this on Jalopnik, one of my favorite automotive blogs, and man are they seriously hating on Venables and Audi. This is the post title:

“Audi’s Venables Bell Provides More Evidence Of Clueless Automotive Advertising”

To my knowledge these are the first ads specifically created for DVR users. They go by in a blink-of-an-eye and require you to rewind the spot and go through it frame by frame. I think its a neat idea.

They’ve also created a nice site to match.

See the Slow-Mo video @ http://www.tt-truth.com/