November 15

Flash Platform Maturing

There have been a lot of exciting developments in Flash within the last couple years, especially with ActionScript3 (Flash CS3, Flex Builder), and because of these changes to the Flash “platform” the community has flourished. Open source projects are taking off and Flash finally has the functionality to facilitate real development (as opposed to all the fake development that has been done up til this point).


OSFlash is a good starting point for all the open source goodness.

If anyone is daunted by the prospects of learning Flash from ground zero, you should try to attend one of Colin Moock’s Adobe-sponsored ActionScript3 lectures or just get his book, Essential ActionScript 3.0.

There has always been exciting stuff happening on the Flash platform but there are all new possibilities,
such as real 3D, and a robust modern object-oriented environment. For some more examples what people are doing now, visit TheFWA.

September 25

DRM-Free Music

DRM-Free Music Sources
Today Amazon announced their online music download store that features DRM-free (unprotected) MP3 files for sale. The Amazon MP3 Download Store joins Apple’s iTunes Music Store, eMusic, Beatport, and others in providing ‘unprotected’ digital music that anyone can play in whatever device they choose.

I predict that they will quickly come up to the number 2 spot behind the iTunes Music Store in online music sales, and that this is the turning point in the music industry in general for ditching DRM.

Of course, digital music sales still has a long way to go to catch up to illegal music downloads, but this is a start.

Content wants to be free!

UPDATE: Here’s a good bit of commentary comparing the iTunes store and Amazon’s new store:

“‘If you have a choice of paying $0.89 on Amazon for a higher-quality track with no DRM, or $0.99 for a lower-quality track with portability restrictions, where will you turn?’”

Link to more info

May 25


I just came across this, and I’m pretty impressed. Basically instead of using random f’d up words for CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) it feeds up mangled scans of old books, and lets you digitize them one word at a time. Its an ingenious solution to an age old problem.


May 25

Get the 411, yo.

Google Local 411What do you do when you’re out in the real world looking for a place without enough information?

Do you call 411 on your cell phone and get charged a ridiculous fee from your provider? Do you call a friend who might be sitting at a computer to search the internet for you? Do you have mobile internet on your cell phone?

Our dear and glorious leader, Google, has seen fit to reinvent this wheel, and usually that’s a great thing™.


May 17

Google Analytics : UPDATE

They’ve made it even better than before. Wicked…

May 7

Concrete That Changes Color?