August 11

Nike Run-Hit-Remix

I passed on the last few of these, but when I saw that MC Hammer and Sir Mix-A-Lot are going to be there, performing live… I was like “It’s Hammer Time!”

Here is the awesome oldskool line up:
Naughty by Nature
Sir Mix A Lot
The Sugarhill Gang
Dawn Robinson of En Vogue
and a Finish line concert by MC Hammer.

It’s happening at the LA Memorial Coliseum Saturday, September 15 at 9am.

I have a special invite a friend link - so if anyone is interested in going for running or just watching, hit me up.

August 6

Pee & Poo


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May 25

Get the 411, yo.

Google Local 411What do you do when you’re out in the real world looking for a place without enough information?

Do you call 411 on your cell phone and get charged a ridiculous fee from your provider? Do you call a friend who might be sitting at a computer to search the internet for you? Do you have mobile internet on your cell phone?

Our dear and glorious leader, Google, has seen fit to reinvent this wheel, and usually that’s a great thing™.


May 14

FlexPetz Dog Rentals

What a freaking great idea… I wish they had this service before I got stuck with my dogs… j/k.


May 7


April 24

SHOWER by Danny Venlet

I’m actually more impressed with the rabit headed model than the shower itself…but it’s still a neat idea.

via Viteo