November 15

Flash Platform Maturing

There have been a lot of exciting developments in Flash within the last couple years, especially with ActionScript3 (Flash CS3, Flex Builder), and because of these changes to the Flash “platform” the community has flourished. Open source projects are taking off and Flash finally has the functionality to facilitate real development (as opposed to all the fake development that has been done up til this point).


OSFlash is a good starting point for all the open source goodness.

If anyone is daunted by the prospects of learning Flash from ground zero, you should try to attend one of Colin Moock’s Adobe-sponsored ActionScript3 lectures or just get his book, Essential ActionScript 3.0.

There has always been exciting stuff happening on the Flash platform but there are all new possibilities,
such as real 3D, and a robust modern object-oriented environment. For some more examples what people are doing now, visit TheFWA.

June 14

Link Roundup Number Two

I posted the last roundup on May 14th, so I guess I’ll continue and do I roundup every 14th of the month.

A Hilarious Video by Digital Kitchen : LINK

Winner of the May 1st Reboot - Nice Flash Site - (personally I liked the old site better) : LINK

2nd Place May 1st Reboot star. The site is “eh” but the artwork is fantastic : LINK

Lots of crazy graf and vector illustrations : LINK

Nice portfolio site chock full of sweet logos and identity systems : LINK

Ahhhh - Click this freakin link YO! I got a kick out of this site, you will too : LINK

A NIIICE new site from Diesel : LINK

an Honorable Mention goes out to APPLE
I know it’s a bit late, and I’m sure everyone has already seen it and talked about their site re-design but to leave them out would just, suck. So there.

June 14

Very Similar Looking Sites… No 2


I wonder who copied who…


More pics after the jump.
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June 12

Japanese Tobacco Etiquette

So I just came back from visiting Japan for the first time. I have lots to share soon, but here is something in the meantime. These signs are posted around designated smoking areas all over Tokyo (maybe all around Japan, I’m not sure) espousing tobacco etiquette. I’m not sure if they make more sense in the Japanese cultural context but many of them are very amusing to me.

Here are two of my favorites:

Japanese Tobacco Etiquette

Link to more

May 14

Link Roundup Number One

In Graphics We Trust : Link


Evgeny Kiselev : Link


Insane 3D work by Kyungup Hyun : Link


Gabriel Rocha : Link


Vandal : Link


This looks familiar… Reminds me of the Alberto Seveso stuff
Neil Duerden : Link

May 9

Yay! More Books

Some cool books to check out… Logos, I just can’t get enought of em.

btw… I own all these books, and recommend them… Just so you don’t think I post these for fun.