March 31

This is old, but never gets old

September 19

Nike “Failure” CM

June 12

Japanese Tobacco Etiquette

So I just came back from visiting Japan for the first time. I have lots to share soon, but here is something in the meantime. These signs are posted around designated smoking areas all over Tokyo (maybe all around Japan, I’m not sure) espousing tobacco etiquette. I’m not sure if they make more sense in the Japanese cultural context but many of them are very amusing to me.

Here are two of my favorites:

Japanese Tobacco Etiquette

Link to more

May 9

It’s Not A Bad Idea

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Just ran across this on Jalopnik, one of my favorite automotive blogs, and man are they seriously hating on Venables and Audi. This is the post title:

“Audi’s Venables Bell Provides More Evidence Of Clueless Automotive Advertising”

To my knowledge these are the first ads specifically created for DVR users. They go by in a blink-of-an-eye and require you to rewind the spot and go through it frame by frame. I think its a neat idea.

They’ve also created a nice site to match.

See the Slow-Mo video @

April 27

I’m Absolut-ly Flabbergasted

I guess Absolut Vodka is finally kicking the bottle. Maybe it’s about time…I’m a bit skeptical of their new tagline though:

“In An Absolut World.”

I’ve got one word for TBWA:


The Article