September 25

DRM-Free Music

DRM-Free Music Sources
Today Amazon announced their online music download store that features DRM-free (unprotected) MP3 files for sale. The Amazon MP3 Download Store joins Apple’s iTunes Music Store, eMusic, Beatport, and others in providing ‘unprotected’ digital music that anyone can play in whatever device they choose.

I predict that they will quickly come up to the number 2 spot behind the iTunes Music Store in online music sales, and that this is the turning point in the music industry in general for ditching DRM.

Of course, digital music sales still has a long way to go to catch up to illegal music downloads, but this is a start.

Content wants to be free!

UPDATE: Here’s a good bit of commentary comparing the iTunes store and Amazon’s new store:

“‘If you have a choice of paying $0.89 on Amazon for a higher-quality track with no DRM, or $0.99 for a lower-quality track with portability restrictions, where will you turn?’”

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