May 14

FlexPetz Dog Rentals

What a freaking great idea… I wish they had this service before I got stuck with my dogs… j/k.


  1. This is the sickest idea I have ever seen. I really hope you people in the US are wiser than this and WILL NOT encourage business like this. Some of the dogs that FlexPetz uses are rescue dogs and this makes the business even more disturbing! Should rescue animals really be handed from stranger to another…I really don’t think so! Animals need loving homes where they are cared and loved for life, not for three weeks!! I am sick and tired of these “Paris Hilton-types” who treat animals like accessories, FlexPetz is clearly started to cater this selfish human type. Usually the P Hilton-types chosen breeds are Yorkie or Chihuahua, which are naturally timid animals and I can just imagine how scared these poor animals while forced to be dragged around from a party to another. Makes me so crazily sad…

  2. are you nuts, if you feel you are STUCK with your dogs you don’t deserve them! give them to someone who will love them they deserve it!

  3. To Stacy: ARE YOU NUTS?!?

    For someone who doesn’t know me or my dogs, your comment is a little out of line.

    I guess you didn’t notice the “j/k” at the end of the post, it stands for “Just Kidding”.

  4. Someone who is even j/k about her dogs in that manner does not deserve the animals. I am SO on Stacy’s side!

  5. wow, I’m just getting served here…


    First off, I’m a “he” not a “she”!


    Second, the more I think about this service the more I AGREE with “muso”. My dogs are my kids, so I look at it more like a kid rental service - and then it just seems really fucked up for the kids to keep getting moved around from foster parent to foster parent.


    I’m not going to lie, my dogs are a pain in the ass, they drive me crazy but I love them. I’ve sacrificed so much to have them around that I get really offended by you two telling me that I don’t deserve them. Everything from where I live, to the kind of car that I drive, to my daily routine is centered around the welfare of my two 85 pound pooping machines.


    So please stop with the “you don’t deserve your dogs” comments.



  6. Apologies for “HER”! I thought you were some P Hilton-wannabe! Your dogs are totally gorgeaus! You are very lucky! After your last email, I will take my words back and apologise, you clearly love your dogs and treat them as family members, that is great!

    VERY happy to hear my comments made you think about the matter bit further. I just can’t get my head around this…why would anyone want to exploit animals like that, I have to say I am not surprised though as we are talking about US…This sort of business would create massive outrage in Europe (where Im based, which you probably guessed already)and just wouldn’t be tolerated. Another good example of the crazy America is that there is more tigers caged in Texas than running freely in India/Russia etc. That is just insane. Is there no animal welfare rules and regulations at all? I am not trying to insult Americans, just to clarify that but am just amazed how anyone can do anything there. I am pretty sure many americans would agree with me on this one.

  7. Crazy…just checked the FlexPetz locations and one arriving to London, UK in October….OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!!!!!!!I am so angry that I’m about to explode!!!!!!!! So much for “kind-hearted” Europeans…I am so ashamed of our people…

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