April 23

WTF…MTV Redesign?

Right when I was getting used to their old flash site, they up a redesign back to HTML… I don’t like it.

I don’t not like it because I prefer flash over HTML, It’s because they took a good thing and made it worse… The main focus of the redesign is something they’re calling “hats” - basically everytime you reload you get a totally different background. In my opinion they wasted a ton of money paying all these artists to create their own versions of the MTV logo, and not enough time working on the usability of the actual content…


Haha! It seems I’m not the only one hating on the site… check out what other people are saying about the site here: MTV LABS

  1. I like the way the site looks.. very kewl… but I can’t put in a vote on a music video that’s not up on the countdown….. HELP ME!! I want to vote for a new music video that NEEDS to be on the countdown.

  2. I really dont think you guys should have put a picture of them guys kissing on the movie awards on your homepage! I mean you know how much bad publicity thats going to cause them. And besides It discust me how much america’s media is obsessed over celebrities and not the real issues! I mean think about the children in darfur that are starving and you guys are just giving the media another reason to pay attention to somthing else! If you dont think its our job to stand up and do something about these starving dieing children in darfur and other countries then you are wrong!
    Thank you for letting me share my opinion with you!

    Carrie Jo Tucker

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